Call name:
Date of birth:
Global Mayhem at Minstrel
Faerdorn Sheer Magic
Colors and markings:
Fawn, Black Mask
Kti Jensen & Judy Cooke
Registration organization:
DNA Number:

Global's Let it Be at Fairview


DOB: 07/07/2007

Aggie came to us in the Fall of 2007 from Kti Jensen of Global Boxers with the help of Katherine Nevius of Minstrel Boxers. 

Aggie comes from incredibly long lived Boxers from the UK.  Her dam is a direct import from the Faerdorn Kennel in the UK, and her sire is US born of two UK import parents. 


Aggie is retired from breeding, and living the life of a most beloved family pet.  We have high hopes for her son Ch.Fairview's Crazy Train -Ozzy...

Health Testing

 Holter monitoring

 2008- (1 year) 2 singles

2009-(2 years)  1 single

2011 - (4 years)  zero

2016 (age) almost 9 years)- Cleared by ACVIM board certified cardiologist. 16 singles

2017- ( 10 years of age) 27 singles.

2019- (11.5 years of age) 5 PVC’s 



(Striatin marker A/A positive)

 Echo/Doppler by Board Certified Cardiologist

Dr. Luis Braz-Ruivo

 Cleared, no evidence of congenital heart disease 2009

Grade 1 murmur. The murmur is innocent.  No concerns with breeding, as per Dr. Braz-Ruivo

Flow rate 1.67 aortic, 1.08 pulmonic

 OFA Thyroid



OFA DM DNA test  Homozygous N/N with two normal copies of the gene associated with Degenerative Myelopathy.
 OFA Hips  Good



 Litter 2012