CH Fairviews Crazy Train at ABC 2016 second fawn dog in the lineup for the 3rd round in BOB.  "Ozzy" was chosen to continue on to the final BOB round for a natural eared Boxer this is believed to be the first time one has made it that far in the competition.  Judge T. Latta (breeder judge) Handler Dan Buchwald.



All of our Boxers are health tested and cleared for heart disease, by echo and multiple holters; for thyroid disease, by OFA standards; DNA tested for Degenerative Myelopathy; and last but not least cleared of any major blood or organ disease. I believe in breeding both phenotypically and genetically.

My goal in breeding is to increase longevity, breed type, and maintain good health for a quality life.

My forever goal  is to breed balanced Boxers that you can live with and truly enjoy!  



Minstrel's Left of Center at Fairview "Miram"