A member of the Allegheny Boxer Club... and the American Boxer Club!!!!


My name is Katrina Medved, I am an Associate Degree Veterinary Technician, and a Registered Nurse. I am a wife and a mother of three sons.  As a child I can remember begging my mother for a Rottweiler to show in conformation.  It was probably a good thing that wish wasn't granted, as the show world is not for the feint of heart. 

When  my husband and I were newlyweds, he worked long swing shift hours.  My eldest son and I were left home on the farm (with no neighbors) overnight, and I never liked that.  So, we got our first dog.  He was supposed to be a chocolate lab but instead we got our first family dog "Tyson" (pictured behind my son in the below photo).  Followed by more Boxers than I have time to list here, as we did a bit of rescuing at one time.



In 2003, I began searching for a prospective show Boxer, and thus I found "Corky". Corky was from US, AU, and UK Boxers, but she herself was a loving lap dog. Corky blessed me with two wonderful litters that I was able to learn about dog showing and get basics in show handling. I pointed two of her progeny with natural ears from the BBE class, one being a Classic Brindle bitch (Bilden & Fairviews Luck B A Lady "Penny"), the second being a Flashy Fawn Dog (Fairviews Unforgiven "Cass")



Fairview's Unforgiven

First point for both of us out of the BBE Class.

Sister to Cass


Bilden & Fairview's Luck B A Lady

Owner handled out of the BBE class, first point.


Due to some health issues that popped up with Cass, and ears that didn't stand from Penny's progeny I kept... I restarted my Boxer line in 2007.  Aggie- Global Let it be at Fairview came to me from my friend Kti Jensen of Global Boxers.  A little English lass bred here in the good Ol USA.   From Ms. Aggies only litter I kept a dog puppy "Ozzy" AKC Ch. Fairviews Crazy Train.  A 15 year old dream came true on 4-30-16 in Ozzy attaining that AKC Championship, I cannot wait to see what the next few years bring me with this lovingly incredible boy.

Foodfor thought.....

My Boxers are fed a quality diet, including kibble, that works best for them. I prefer a raw diet, but sometimes I am unable to fullfill the needs of diversity with it; and some of my Boxers aren't fond of it, so I also feed a kibble as well!  I believe in a well rounded diet, and feed my Boxers what they do the best on.  I no longer feed a grain free diet with the recent grain free scare and Cardiomyopathy occurring from ingredients frequently found in grain free diets.  I use Purina Pro Plan kibble and also utilize raw bones and other items as my Boxers enjoy them.  

Ears by any other word....

I am not a pro or con for cropped ears!  I am for what is best for the individual dog that I have!  ALL of my show prospects from my new lines have been evaluated to have their ears cropped, by a Vet that I have experience with and trust.  Together we have decided on whether we should or should NOT crop a dog.  Let me tell you, natural eared dogs are NOT easy to show!  It is costly, it is time consuming, and many times you walk away shaking your head.  The Boxer breed is not an easy breed to show in overall, but natural eared Boxers are still somewhat looked down upon!  HOWEVER; a good dog, is a good dog, is a good dog!  Overall quality will be seen and rewarded, regardless of ears being cropped or natural!!!!